Jenna Ortega Signed Her First Big Fashion Deal

Jenna Ortega, budding fashion “it” girl, is Adidas’ newest brand ambassador and the face of a brand-new label from the German sportswear giant: Adidas Sportswear is the brand’s newest effort to win over Gen Z. Aiming to “encourage self-expression… through comfort and style,” according to a press release, the new line combines Adidas’ activewear technology with everyday style.

The announcement comes on the heels of a couple major shakeups at Adidas. The company terminated its Yeezy business and partnership with Kanye West — which contributed a significant share of its overall revenue — in October. Shortly after, Adidas brought Bjørn Gulden, formerly of Puma, on as CEO, to help lead it into a new era. It seems that new era begins now, with two big firsts: Ortega’s first big fashion deal, and the first time Adidas launches a new brand under its umbrella in 50 years.

“My love for Adidas is one that goes back years,” Ortega said, in a statement. “It’s always had such a presence in sport, music and culture and continues to be an innovator in so many ways. Growing up for me it always had to be Adidas sneakers… so much of my wardrobe is made up of the iconic three stripes.”

Executive Board Member Brian Grevy said of Ortega: “A progressive and passionate next generation pioneer that is making waves across the globe, her fresh and creative way of thinking is what we, as a brand, found ourselves on and continue to be inspired by.”

Though she’s been working in the industry for many years, the actor has won over the public’s hearts through her titular role in Netflix’s “Wednesday.” Between its viral moments and the cast’s finesse in dressing goth-core, Ortega’s been the center of fawning and attention. Plus, her fashion simply cannot be ignored.

Sportswear officially launches Feb. 9.

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