“Wednesday” Breaks Records in Netflix

Wednesday was the most streamed program for the week of Nov. 21, according to the Netflix Top 10 list.

The supernatural mystery series based on The Addams Family debuted at the No.1 spot with 341.23 million viewing hours, taking the record for most hours viewed in a week for an English-language TV series on Netflix. The sci-fi series 1899: Season 1 was the second most streamed English-language show with 87.89 million viewing hours. The Crown: Season 5 was next at 42.36 million hours viewed, and Dead To Me: Season 3 had 33.33 million hours.

Slumberland was the most-viewed English-language film with 45.43 million hours. The Noel Diary had 36.27 million hours viewed, and The Swimmers came in third place with 22.48 million hours.

In non-English programming, Elite: Season 6 moved to the No.1 spot with 48.27 million hours viewed, Til Money Do Us Part: Season 1 slipped to second place with 32.21 million hours viewed and Under The Queen’s Umbrella: Season 1 was the third most streamed series with 18.08 million hours viewed.

The Lesson Plan was the top-streamed non-English film for the week with 17.31 million hours viewed. The Lost Patient had 8.67 million hours viewed, and the war drama All Quiet on the Western Front had 4.87 million hours viewed.

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